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James Island Family Chiropractic

Dr. Matt Michaud, D.C.



1939 Maybank Highway 
Charleston, SC 29412



Meet The Staff
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Dr. Matt Michaud - Chiropractor

Dr. Matt Michaud

A native of western New York,  Matt is a former hockey player who spent 15 years on the ice.  He sought chiropractic care for himself 20 years ago after injuring his back while working out which led to  difficulty breathing and moving.  After being treated by a Chiropractor he recovered from his injury quickly  but the adjustments allowed his body to also adapt to allergic responses to hay fever and pollen.  That was the last time he has had medication in his body.

The positive experience he had with chiropractic care inspired and influenced him to become a Chiropractor himself.  He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2003 from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic which was founded by the  B. D. Palmer, the father of chiropractic care.


One of Dr. Matt’s favorite aspects of his career is being able to watch his patients, who have had their pain written off as hopeless by other medical professionals, regain their health, strength and essentially their lives.


He enjoys helping families live healthy lives  with a wellness approach to living and truly making a difference within his community. 




Charleston Chiropractor | Charleston chiropractic Meet The Staff |  SC |

Office Manager: Tony Waters



Tony Waters

Office Manager


Tony takes care of checking you in and out, filing insurance claims and managing the day to day business of the practice.  He has been with James Island Chiropractic for three years.  He enjoys working with patients in the open atmosphere office because it is a very relaxed setting that flows well for patients to be treated without a long wait time.   He likes working with Matt because  he sees how much he cares about his patients. 


A Charleston native, Tony is also an artist, illustrator and has written and illustrated a children’s book titled Cinnamon’s Busy Year.




The Office Greeter

A five year old Golden, Gus is the glue that holds it all together.  You can always count on a warm smile, happy tail, and possibly peanut butter breath.  There is a treat jar with his name on it and he is not ashamed to encourage patients to slip him  snacks when no one is looking.  His kind heart and loving soul soothes you at the end of a long day and makes kids smile as they snuggle him while waiting to see Dr. Matt.

Charleston Chiropractor | Charleston chiropractic Meet The Staff |  SC |

Gus showing new patients where to find the his treat jar





Gus waiting his turn to be adjusted


Charleston Chiropractor | Charleston chiropractic Meet The Staff |  SC |

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