Q & A

1.  What are areas of the body that can be treated?

Chiropractic treats the whole body, not just the neck and back.  It works with the neuro/ortho relationship in the body, brain and spine as the basis of its foundation.  The spine leads to the central nervous system which in turn leads to the brain.  The three work in tandem throughout the whole body.

2.  Who should have chiropractic treatment?

Everyone from children to adult including pregnant women  benefit from treatment.  As Dr. Matt says, if you have a spine you should be taking care of it just as you do your teeth with proper maintenance and checkups.

Another way to look at it, when you sprint, your heart rate rises.  When your spine is misaligned, the pressure and pain has the same effect on your heart.

3.  How does it help children?  Sixty-five percent of neuro development occurs during the first year after birth.  Chiropractic ensures proper growth and development and can be especially beneficial during growth spurts.

4.  How does chiropractic treatment benefit prenatal care?  Chiropractic care during pregnancy can helps keep the nervous system free and clear during development of the baby and assist with birthing preparedness.

5.  How do you adjust a small baby?  A baby’s tissue  and  bone structure are pliable unlike that of an adult.  The doctor will use digital pressure (his finger tips) in adjusting infants and small children.

6.  Why does my back go out?  There are three T’s that cause the issue or interruption in the spinal column over time.

Thought – which can be stress related

Trauma – sitting or standing in one position for prolonged periods which form a pattern – such as at work.  The trauma could be a series of events such as a baby falling down while learning to walk, then falling off a swing as they get older, then falling on the soccer field, as a teen or adult.  These traumas build over time.

Toxins –  medication, drugs, alcohol, environmental irritants

A back rarely “goes out” as much as the trauma has built up over time until an inciting incident erupts in pain.  By the time you feel the pain, you are 30-40% decompacitated.

7.  What are some areas/ illnesses that can benefit from chiropractic treatment :


Sports injuries


Chronic pain

Joint pain

Degenerative discs

Herniated discs

Chiropractic and aging

Accident and injuries

Diet and Digestion



8.  What can I expect on my first visit?  The doctor will go through your case history with you, complete a physical evaluation and will likely  take and evaluate x-rays as necessary.   You will also get to know Gus, the five -year -old golden.

9.   How often do I need to be treated? This is based on the condition of your spine, a care plan that you and the doctor will formulate.  Your prognosis and care plan are contingent upon your overall health and well being and the condition of your spine.

10.  Will the chiropractor communicate with my other physicians in my treatment and care plan? He will gladly communicate with your other treating physicians.

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