I was diagnosed with scoliosis (a curve in my lower spine that I was either hereditary or caused by part of the birthign process or both) at the age of 12.  I wore a back brace for over a year but my bones had to begun to harden and the doctors said there was not much else a brace could do to further straighten my spine.  Over the years, poor posture, exercising, carrying heavy groceries, life the effects of the curve started to show in the form of back pain, ribs that will not stay in place, knee pain etc.  Chiropractic care allows me to continue to run, practice yoga, wear high heels without the need for pain medicine.  I have been under chiropractic care for 16 years.  I rencently ran my first half marathon.  Dr. Matt treated me for a month while I trained and two days following the run.  I had little stiffness and was not sore.  I was amazed. 

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